Travel the Towpath

Iron BridgeTake Exit 93 to travel by foot or by bike on the Ohio and Erie Canalway Towpath Trail! You can pick up the trail in Bolivar, with your excursion taking you over top of I-77, leading to the wetlands of Zoar Lake and beyond.

Follow the old canal path for nature in its splendor, any time of year. Bird watching and wildlife abound, and picnic areas can be found throughout. Many local eateries will pack up your lunch for your sojourn, just ask!

TowpathRemember to bring a camera to capture the ruins of an old dam or structure. From the local wildlife, including bald eagles, to the old iron bridges, you’ll find surprises at every turn!

You can also enjoy towpath views from your automobile – just follow the posted signs for America’s Byway.

Be sure to stop and visit with the friendly people in the community – we know you’ll have an adventure to talk about for years to come!