Scenic Byways

byway-signEnjoy the view! Whether by car or by foot, by water or by bike, you can’t beat our rural scenery.

Knee-high by the fourth of July – cornfields transform the landscape. Stray from the towpath trail to visit Bolivar Dam, where fishing is at its best right below the spillway.

corn fieldsTraverse our rolling hills, some of which are actually levees, protecting homes in Bolivar, Zoar and Atwood.

Look up – towering trees are a refuge for wildlife – including our ever expanding population of bald eagles.

Farmland, woodlands, wetlands – get a sense of country life – streaming past your window, just outside the city.

produce standRemember to stop and visit with the locals – produce stands pop up where you’d least expect – always worth a stop to chat.

Any season, rain or shine, you’ll find friendly folks and a view that can’t be beat.

And as we famously tell our kids from the moment they begin to drive until the day they leave our nests: Watch out for deer!